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TTP Media communication and entertainment

Bring your brand to new heights

Organize event - professional event

With the goal: "Towards cooperation - sustainable development, serving & friendly with the social community". TTP Media is currently focusing all resources:....
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Prepare a permit, hold a beauty contest

With experience in preparing project documents, please grant permission to organize many beauty contests from small to large scale. TTP Media is ready to par...
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Consulting on marketing strategy development

With the enthusiasm to bring to every Vietnamese enterprise, especially small and medium enterprises with limited financial resources ... .. there are no con...
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Production of television programs

With a strong workforce of leading directors, screenwriters, and filmmakers, TTP Media is currently a partner providing continuous broadcast television progr...
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Produce movies, web drama, sitcom

TTP Media is a manufacturer with a high-quality staff, We accept orders on demand from new organizations, individuals, brand-building businesses. Contact me....
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Produce Music MV, make short reportage clips on demand

With the service orientation, TTP Media with a healthy young team will be the cornerstone for the dreams of young people entering showbit, young people have....
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